Salim Mehajer swore false affidavit, ordered to pay cleaner $25,000

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Salim Mehajer gave “implausible evidence” and swore a false affidavit as he attempted to avoid paying $25,000 to a cleaner for work done in a western Sydney apartment block, a court has found.

The controversial former deputy mayor of Auburn has been ordered to pay Anping Yan the outstanding debt as well as costs and interest after the cleaner successfully sued him.

Mr Yan sued Mr Mehajer in the Downing Centre Local Court, claiming he was not paid for cleaning the apartment block on John Street, Lidcombe, between September 2013 and July 2014.

Mr Mehajer argued he was not liable for the debt because, in September 2011, his company SM Project Developments subcontracted out the cleaning work to Downtown Project Developments, run by his sister Fatima Mehajer.

Mr Mehajer denied engaging Mr Yan in a personal capacity and only ever spoke to Mr Yan in his capacity as a director of SM Project Developments, which went into liquidation in February 2013.

He also denied that Mr Yan carried out the cleaning work.

However, magistrate Jennifer Atkinson found Mr Yan had proved, on the balance of probabilities, that he had entered into a contract with Mr Mehajer in circumstances in which Mr Mehajer was acting as an agent for Downtown.

Ms Atkinson said the evidence showed Mr Yan carried out the cleaning work and Mr Mehajer and Downtown failed to pay.

During a hearing in January, the court heard Mr Mehajer had sworn an affidavit that listed him as the sole director of Downtown.

But in cross-examination, he admitted he was banned from acting as a director and was not, in fact, a director of Downtown. He explained it away as a “typographical error”.

Ms Atkinson said it “necessarily raises concerns about his attention to detail as in that affidavit he was swearing that the allegations of fact contained in [his] defence were true”.

She found his evidence in many instances was “implausible”. She said his inability to recall a conversation in which he told Mr Yan he would be receiving about $72,000 from the strata company managing the John Street development was “interesting”, given he was apparently able to recall giving Mr Yan an explanation of the structure of the group of companies.

“I find it implausible that in the course of negotiating what would have a been a relatively straightforward cleaning contract, Mr Mehajer would attempt to explain the complex corporate structure of his group of companies to someone with a limited grasp of English or that Mr Yan would understand what he was apparently being told,” Ms Atkinson said.

Further, she found that Ms Mehajer “had a poor recollection of a great deal of what occurred around the relevant time”.

Neither sibling adduced any documentary or independent evidence to support their version of events including accounting records and their evidence was “vague”, the magistrate said.

Chinese-born Mr Yan has poor English skills and was assisted in court by an interpreter, although Ms Atkinson found he was making a genuine attempt to give honest answers.

Mr Mehajer, disqualified from managing corporations until November 2018, is facing charges over alleged electoral fraud offences.

He is also due in court next week charged with assaulting a Seven News reporter after earlier allegedly assaulting a taxi driver at the Star casino in the early hours of April 2.

Mr Mehajer shot to public attention following his lavish wedding to wife Aysha April Learmonth in 2015. The couple are now estranged.

The ultimate weekend away in the NT

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This article is sponsored byTourism NT

When it comes to a weekend getaway, predictable choices can include overrun cosmopolitan epicentres like Sydney or Melbourne, or bustling touristydestinations like Byron Bay or the Gold Coast.

But if your idea of the perfect weekend getaway includes spectacular natural wonders, friendly and obliging locals, fresh-of-the-boat seafood and a sub-tropical climate all year ‘round, think Darwin.

Darwin is a bright and vibrant alternative to typically overrun getaway destinations

In recent years Darwin and surrounding areas have enjoyed huge growth, now serving up a platter of luxury accommodation, exquisite food and drinks, a huge range of nature adventures and a rolling calendar of activities like markets, festivals and live music.

But despite this bubbling melting pot of sights, sounds and tastes, Darwin somehow still retains its welcoming small town vibe – and the locals are only too proud to show you around their truly unique city.

Sounding irresistible? Here is your itinerary for the ultimate weekend getaway in the warm and inviting Northern Territory.

SkyCity’s pool is the perfect place to cool off and relax

Stay at SkyCity Darwin, a sprawling luxury resort that is a casino, accommodation and convention centre in one. Located one minute’s walk from the beach and equipped with two pools, five bars (including a swim up bar) and a spa and wellness centre, SkyCity is the perfect relaxing backdrop for the excitement of the CBD.

A quick breakfast at The Vue is in order before heading into the city

Have a light breakfast at SkyCity’s The Vue restaurant before venturing five minutes drive to Darwin CBD to wander through Centennial Park on the esplanade.

Lunch aboard a Cape Adieu Harbour cruise is the best way to tingle the senses around the stunning coast of Darwin. Enjoy local seafood like Northern Territory banana prawns and smoked Spanish mackerel with bush spice, myrtle and black pepper to the soundtrack of the lapping waves.

Enjoy locally caught seafood as you cruise Darwin’s harbour

Spend the afternoon admiring the splendour of Framed Art Gallery, one of the largest galleries in . The gallery holds a rich collection of fine art carefully crafted by Darwin locals, including paintings, jewellery, glassware and much more.

Framed Gallery is full of treasures

Dinner at chef-hatted restaurant Evoo located in SkyCity Darwin is one of those dining experiences that you’ll talk about for days afterward. Offering sweeping views of the Darwin CBD and Arafura Sea, Evoo’s menu boasts fresh, local and seasonal produce with a Mediterranean twist, creating a signature culinary style. Highly recommended is the degustation menu which is matched with a curated list of local and international wines.

Enjoy locally caught seafood at Restaurant Evoo

After dinner, check out Deck Chair Cinema, Darwin’s open air cinematic experience overlooking Darwin Harbour – with a spectacular starry sky backdrop. Nights in Darwin are always warm and inviting, and the cinema’s program is an eclectic mix of Hollywood blockbusters and avant-garde cult flicks.

Sit back and relax in the warm evening while you enjoy the latest flick

Enjoy breakfast at The Vue before seeing Darwin from great heights in a helicopter with Airborne Solutions. Take in the magnificent coast on a 40-minute helicopter ride west along the white sands of Wagait beach all the way to Charles Point Lighthouse and back over the magnetic termite mounds.

Darwin from above is a spectacular sight. Image source: Darwin Convention Centre

Sit down for lunch at Char Darwin, encased in pristine white walls and solid hardwood flooring or outside under the lantern-filled canopy of trees while fine-dining staff predict your every need. The a la carte menu includes Tasmanian chilli mussels and Northern Territory barramundi fillet, or on-the-land offerings like a succulent Wagyu rump cap or rack of lamb with pea, spinach and fetta tortellini.

Char Darwin is a chic dining experience

Spend the afternoon wandering through The George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, which cover 42 hectares of land and are bursting with a unique collection of north n and other tropical species of flora. The lush green and vibrant unexpected colours are the perfect backdrop for your lazy afternoon.

Hocus Pocus by Jody Jackson

Finish your weekend with a wander down to Mindil Beach Sunset Markets for a rich collection of local art, craft, fashion and food, and enjoy the husky reds, oranges and golds from the sunset from the sandy shore as you come down from a great 48 hours spent up north.

Sunset at Mindil Sunset Markets

Flights to Darwin start at $49 flying Jetstar from the major cities.

This article is sponsored by Tourism NT

Large shark accidentally captured on video at Warrnambool breakwater

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The shock visitor at Warrnambool’s breakwater.A large shark was spottedclose to children swimming in Warrnamboolon Monday.

A woman onholidays in Victoria’s south-west captured incredible footage of theshark near Warrnambool’s breakwater by accident on Monday afternoon.

Carla Charlton, from the Mornington Peninsula, said she stopped for lunch in Warrnambool with her family when she started filming a seal she spotted with her daughter.

“Iheard this seal barking so we went down to have a look at the seal and I started to takevideoof a seal in the water,” she said.

Large shark accidentally captured on videohttps://nnimgt-a.akamaihd成都夜场招聘/transform/v1/crop/frm/sian.johnson/e23f5f16-e7d3-484e-8034-90b889f24dfd.JPG/r46_0_485_248_w1200_h678_fmax.jpgVIC: A woman who filmed a shark at least two metres long in Warrnambool said it was a “fluke”.shark, warrnambool2017-04-19T15:21:00+10:00https://players.brightcove成都夜场招聘/3879528182001/default_default/index.html?videoId=5402857844001https://players.brightcove成都夜场招聘/3879528182001/default_default/index.html?videoId=5402857844001Large shark captured on video in Warrnambool“I kept the video going to capture the seal and then these two fins poppedup out of the water.

“Initially I thought it was two separatefish, then Ithought ‘no that’sa shark,that’s two fins off the same fish’.

“I just kept taking the video because Ithought ‘there’sa shark here’ and I couldn’t believe it.”

Ms Charlton said after the shark was spotted someone raced down and told some kids to get out of the water because they were jumping off the pier.

Shedescribed capturing the moment as a “fluke”.

EARLIER: People are being warned to be careful entering the water around Warrnambool’s Lady Bay after multiple sightings of a shark believed to be at least two metres in length.

Warrnambool Surf Life Saving Club captain David Owen said there had been “a lot” ofreports about one particular shark spotted on Monday afternoon.

“Just be wary,” Mr Owen said.

He said he issued the warning because“too many people had seen it” and multiple people said it was a white pointer, also known as a great white shark.

The shark was spotted near the breakwater prior to 4pm on Monday afternoon, and Warrnambool’s main beach was closed for two hours as a precaution.

Mr Owensaid he would advise against swimming in the middle of thebay or near the breakwater.

Recreational fisherman Daniel Hainey said he saw the shark from the breakwater sometime after 3.30pm, and it had been briefly tangled in his line.

“Basically there was a boat (that) came in here and had a seal follow it,” he said.

“The boat has pulled out of the water, the seal has gone away –so we thought – then we heard some kids on the pier screaming out toeach other from one side to the other.

“Ithought they were talking about the seal again and not long after saw the shark come up right along the side of the pier here.”

Fisheries Victoria director of education and enforcement Ian Parks said it was not unusual for sharks to be around, and advised people to follow the shark smart safety tips.

“People are more aware sharks are out there but there’s no evidence there’s actually an increase in sharks,” Mr Parks said.

“They’vealways been there and always will and the risk of shark attacks are very low compared to other risks likedriving your car.”

“Sharks are around,” Mr Parks said.“With the new Vic Emergency appit’s a great way of peoplefinding out whether there’s any sightings.”

The safety tips include:

Keep informed by checking the VicEmergencywebsite or app.If you see a shark report it to the police or at a patrolledbeach to lifesavers on the ground.Swim between the flags where possible and obey any beach closures put in place.Try to avoid swimming where waste enters the water.Don’t swim if you’ve got bleedingwounds.Don’t swim if you see large schools of bait fish, particularlyif they are behaving erratically.The Standard, Warrnambool

How Fate of the Furious became a global box office phenomenon

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???It was a weekend where the threat of nuclear war hung heavily over the world. And at the centre of tensions was a flaxen-haired American megalomaniac.

If you went to the cinema just about anywhere, chances are you’ll recognise this is what happens in The Fate Of The Furious.

Charlize Theron???, as a coolly evil villain who circles the globe in an undetectable private jet, hatches a plan to steal a nuclear weapon to use against the superpowers.

Rarely has a movie so dominated the world’s cinemas at any one time as the eighth instalment in the Fast and the Furious series.

At the risk of sounding like you’ve inhaled the fumes from the scores of high-octane cars roaring across the screen, it took a staggering$US532.5 million ($702 million) as it smashed the record for biggest global opening weekend. It was No.1 at the box office in all 64 international territories it opened in.

So how does a seventh sequel do so well? And could it possibly deserve to sell more tickets than Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other better-reviewed blockbusters?

What started out as a series about street racing has turned into a Bond movie by a different name.

It has exotic locations in Cuba, Berlin, New York and Russia. A supervillain named Cipher who wants world domination. High-tech references to EMP devices, nuclear footballs, cyber terrorism and a global surveillance system.

Implausible stunts including – spoiler alert for anyone yet to catch it – cars being harpooned, cars raining down on city streets after their computer guidance systems have been hijacked and cars being chased across the ice by a nuclear submarine. Yes, there are a lot of cars.

Cartoonish international politics including an attack on a Cold War submarine base. And a villain so powerful even real-life hacking group Anonymous won’t dice with her.

With a casual disdain for logic and physics, rapper Chris Bridges is not the only thing that’s “Ludacris” in the movie. Two scenes have characters on opposite sides of thick high-security glass miraculously exchanging threats at length without the need for an intercom.

If being a car chase movie isn’t enough, Fate of the Furious is also every other kind of action movie. A cyberthriller with a bomb that has to be disconnected before the counter hits zero. A prison escape movie. A plane heist movie. A two-buddies-on-opposite-sides-face-off movie. A submarine movie. A zombie car movie. And, after all the damage, a movie about family being what really matters.

It features just about every action movie star from Vin Diesel and The Rock down to, well, Helen Mirren.

While much of the dialogue appears to have been typed with a shovel, there is something gloriously, crazily entertaining about the whole fuel-injected package.

Its success owes a lot to the brilliant way n director James Wan handled the real-life death of star Paul Walker in the previous instalment, giving it a heart that elevated the series.

It’s also a triumph of marketing with the super-slick trailer chalking up 139 million views in the first 24 hours.

The filmmakers – with F. Gary Gray from Straight Outta Compton now making Straight Outta The Garage – also know their audience. The story is so well-flagged and the acting so big that non-English-speaking audiences will have no trouble keeping up.

And the multi-racial cast has always been key to the series’ appeal to a young ethnically diverse audience. According to Box Office Mojo, American viewers were 41 per cent Caucasian, 26 per cent Hispanic, 19 per cent African American and 11 per cent Asian on the weekend. While cinema-goers were largely male – no surprise given the series is known for gratuitous shots of skimpily-dressed women – the movie still had enough crossover appeal to be 42 per cent female.

A teenage boy sitting next to me in the cinema positively gurgled at times. The formula – putting the “car” into carnage and taking the “act” out of action movie – is working.

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Family still wait for answers a year after son’s death

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Josh Park-Fing who was killed on the Work for the Dole scheme in 2016. Photo Supplied. Story Anna Patty Photo: Supplied

On the one-year anniversary of 18-year-old son Joshua Park-Fing’s death, his parents are still waiting for answers to how it happened on a Work for the Dole site.

Josh died on April 19 last year after falling from a flatbed trailer towed by a tractor on a Work for the Dole site in Toowoomba.

His father, Iain Park, told Fairfax Media he has been struggling to come to terms with his son’s death and hopes that safety lessons can be learned to help prevent the same thing from happening again.

“At the end of the day, I would just like the answers and the truth and God willing, it will lead to it never happening again,” Mr Park said.

The Unemployed Workers Union, which has been campaigning for the Work for the Dole program to be scrapped, has written to the federal government asking it to release the results of investigations into Mr Park-Fing’s death.

“For the sake of Josh’s family and all participants in the Work for the Dole program, we call on the government to promptly release this information,” the UWU letter said.

“The government has a responsibility to minimise risks to participants in this and other employment programs.”

Josh left behind his parents, a twin brother Jayden, two other brothers Matthew and Lachlyn and a sister Jemma.

“I never had a chance to see my 18-year-old boy grow up and get married and have kids,” Mr Park said.

He said he still has no answers from an investigation into Josh’s death.

“At the end of the day we just need the truth,” he said. “I’m still baffled about why this happened. I can’t figure out why the report has been withheld.

“The bottom line is we all deserve answers. If we don’t get the correct answers how do we know what needs to change and how to change it?”

Mr Park hopes the investigation into his son’s death helps to improve the safety of other Work for the Dole participants.

“Dreamworld changed its policies after there was an accident – why didn’t that happened when Josh died?” he said.

Speaking on behalf of Josh’s mother, Jenny Fing, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers principal Peter Koutsoukis said he was still waiting for answers.

“Sadly a year after the tragic death of her son Joshua, our client is still no closer to having any answers as to what caused his death,” Mr Koutsoukis said.

“Mrs Fing rightfully expected a timely investigation would have been undertaken into this matter.

“Disappointingly, however, that has not occurred, despite our repeated requests for information on the investigation on her behalf. This includes recently writing to the federal Minister for Employment, Michaelia Cash.

“On this first anniversary of Joshua’s death, we again call on the relevant agencies to release the findings of this investigation as soon as possible, to provide much-needed closure for Mr Park-Fing’s family and to help ensure that lessons can be learned as to what caused his death and to prevent future incidents.”

Federal Labor spokesman for employment services and workforce participation Ed Husic said the Turnbull government needed to release its internal review into the incident, or at least explain to the public what it has done to improve workplace safety in the program.

“Under the Turnbull government Work for the Dole is failing, with 90 per cent of participants not securing full-time work after finishing the program. At a time when youth unemployment is at record highs, young ns deserve better,” Mr Husic said.

Senator Cash said the investigation into Mr Park-Fing’s death was ongoing.

“Workplace Health and Safety Queensland continues to investigate this incident,” she Cash said.

“The government will not risk compromising this investigation by releasing the report prematurely.

“Given that the Labor Party is aware of this situation, I would be deeply concerned if it was attempting to politicise the tragic death of Mr Park-Fing.”